Monday, December 26, 2011

Stuff Lyds Says

(Warning: Every one of these little gems contains information about body parts. Yes, we use the "real" words with Lydia, and yes, she talks about it. If this makes you uncomfortable or offended, stop now. Thanks!)

To me, during breakfast on Christmas morning:

Lyds: "Sometimes girls have penises."
Me: "Do you know a girl with a penis?"
Lyds: "Yes. Daddy."

To me, while I was pushing her in her stroller to the park:

Lyds: Mommy, we're going to go to a costume party.
Me: Tell me about our costumes.
Lyds: Grandma Marie is going to be a flower. I am going to be a bunny. Daddy is going to be a puppy. You are going to be a vagina.
Me: I don't think I want to be a vagina at the costume party.
Lyds: But I looooove vaginas!!!

To me, while I was showing Robin a picture of the dress I want to wear on my birthday:

Lyds: Mommy, that's not a dress! That's a shirt!

To Robin, at the dinner table:

Lyds: You have a little penis.
Robin: Lydia, that is not a kind thing to say to someone.
Lyds: (Visibly thinking hard) You have a BIG penis.