Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wearing the Baby

Awhile ago, Lydia decided she didn't like being carried tummy-to-tummy in the Maya Wrap. I was really disappointed, because they are not cheap and I love "wearing" her. A few weeks ago, I decided to try a different carrying style and turns out, Lydia loves the Kangaroo Carry! Today I took her to run some errands while Robin did some work on the house. I brought along the Maya Wrap, and it was fantastic. She tends to be very calm when we are wearing her, and she is pushing the weight limits on the Baby Bjorn. When we do the Kangaroo Carry, she can see everything, and I still have the use of my hands. Gotta love that Maya Wrap! (Thanks again, Jenni!)

On a side note, huuuuuge congratulations to our friend Clark, who not only finished his second marathon today (the Twin Cities), but cut nearly 20 minutes off his time from his last race. We're amazed!

**I know these photos are not the best, but I had nobody to take one for me. I also know that most of you come to the blog to see pictures of Lydia, not me, but the one on the right is one of the few pictures of me from the past few months that I actually like.


  1. CUTE HAIRCUT Laurie!!


  2. Cute bangs Laurie! Blankie will be there late next week-I think.
    Kiss Lydia for me and hugs to you.

  3. you should try lydia in the hip carry. baby can still see out, but you can carry the weight much more easily on your hip.

    happy baby wearing! your daughter is precious.

  4. Lydia who...your bangs are adorable!