Monday, February 22, 2010

The Changing Face of Romance

Robin has always been great at romance. He is a fantastic date-planner, he's a creative gift-giver, and he's really good at making romantic gestures. Let's remember, this is the guy that managed to get me down to San Antonio believing we were there for an interview for him and walk me into a beautiful, candle-lit room with champagne and flowers, only to get down on one knee and propose. He even roped in some friends, leading me to believe that we had to get back to Austin to meet them for dinner and a show to get me off his tracks; I knew a proposal was coming, but Robin managed to make it an amazing surprise.

Since 2002 when we spent our first Valentine's Day together as a couple, we have spent February 14th dining at the Most Romantic Restaurant in the Twin Cities (according to City Pages), scoping out our first wine bar together, eating fondue over candlelight in my apartment living room in Austin, and even going to see the Vagina Monologues at the University of Minnesota's Coffman Union.

This Valentine's Day, though, Robin told me I could lay in bed while he made breakfast. Lounging and reading my book, I looked up to see him come in with breakfast for me, only this time there was Lydia on his arm, munching on one of the biscuits. Ahhhh, life. This is where it has taken us.

We spent the day as a family (after enjoying Friday the 12th out and about, thanks to some friends offering to take Lydia for the night), walking up to the park,

playing in the backyard,

and enjoying an absolutely amazing homemade pizza, complete with ricotta cheese we made ourselves and topped it off with homemade strawberry shortcake.

We drank a bottle of wine we had purchased on our honeymoon and toasted to all of the romance the past eight and a half years have brought to us.

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  1. You are right, you're camera is awesome. Will you remind me that I want to talk about that tomorrow morning, please? Maybe I should have one too, so we can both be taking photos of Lydia.