Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Nifty Fifty

Today I received an awesome package!! With the help of my Grandma Gloria and Uncle Rob (who works for National Camera Exchange), The Nifty Fifty, otherwise known as the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, has made its way to my camera bag, and I am loving it. It is too late to call my grandma and thank her over the phone, but since she is possibly my most devoted blog reader, I will thank her here and call her in the morning. I read about the lens in this article at Becoming Mom, and I am in love with it so far. I need to practice with it and get used to using the manual focus, as well as adjust to the fixed lens that doesn't zoom in, but based on the little bit I got to play tonight, I feel like a whole new world of photography is opening up for me (and, in turn, for you as blog readers--get ready for even more photos of the Lyds). Here are some shots from this evening:

Desperate for a subject before Lydia got home (she hung with Jessica--thanks!!--so Robin could get some work done, and we could go shmooze with developers at an open house), I focused on inanimate objects.
The puzzle...

My basil plant...
Lydia wasn't in so much of a posing mood, but she was in the mood to eat her hammer... And hang with Aidan. Aidan was pretty much in love with the Radio Flyer car... And he loves Lydia, too. He gives her hugs, first very carefully getting her into appropriate hugging position (the photos are out of focus, but the hugging was too cute not to post)
And snuggles her on request.Lydia wrapped up her night with a bath and went down without a peep. Thanks, Grandma Gloria!!! It was too late to call and thank you, so until the morning, this post will have to do!


  1. The canon 50mm is absolutely my favorite lens! It rarely leaves my camera. So great for playing with depth of field and for dimmer lighting situations. Have fun with it!

  2. How in the world do you have hard drive space to store all these photos? We'll have to discuss sometime. Very cute hugging photos!!