Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making My Case

Since the moment she was born, Lydia's resemblance to Robin has been obvious... at least that's what everyone says. I would like to make my case, though, that she may be a Mommy's girl, afterall.

Exhibit A...

and Exhibit B.

Addendum: Yes, both photos are me, not Lydia. The first was on a trip to Glacier National Park, and the second is at "the lake."


  1. Considering that I looked at the top picture before reading the text and thought: "I didn't know they were taking Lydia to the mountains this summer" ... I would say your evidence is convincing.

  2. Is that not Lydia in the top picture? Because it looks EXACTLY like her. I'm with Elizabeth on the convincing nature of your evidence.

  3. I mean, really. She looks just like you. That face you are making the bottom picture. I have seen that face many, many times.

  4. I know! That face in the bottom photo! That is the face Lydia makes every time Brian does something stupid.

  5. Wait, I'm so confused...I thought Lydia was in the top picture! No?

  6. Those of us who knew baby Laurie also know that
    Lydia looks alot like her mother. She is a great mix of her parents.