Sunday, October 23, 2011

Circus, Circus

My Uncle David is a member of the Shriners, so when Judy (my aunt, his wife) called to ask if we wanted tickets to the Shriners' Circus, I said yes. I figured Lydia is starting to be old enough to have fun at that sort of thing, and with free tickets, why not find out?

Last night, along with Judy, we headed to the Target Center for the circus. When asked what her favorite things at the circus, Lydia says, "Riding the ponies, eating my snow-cone, and getting my tickets."

She really loved the circus. We have heard all morning about elephants, especially the "little elephant who broke and turned into a puppy." (A clown had a whole sketch about a toy elephant that was revealed to be a puppy in a costume.)

Thanks, Judy and David, for the night at the circus! We loved it!

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