Monday, January 9, 2012


I have kept the latest Lydia news quiet for awhile, lest we fall prey to the whole say-something-and-the-backlash-begins phenomenon, but...

Lydia is potty trained! Awhile ago, we designated the day after Christmas as P-Day. We hyped up underwear--Santa even dropped some in Lydia's stocking, and we prepped for a day at home. I'd read in Toddler 411 that when a child is ready, potty training should only take a day, and a friend of Grandma and Grandpa Ganser swore she had a fool proof trick to get a kid potty trained in 24 hours, so we combined forces and went for it.

One day full of every incentive Lydia could think of later, she was using the potty with only one accident in 24 hours. The next day was a pitch perfect day, potty wise, and since, accidents have been rare.

What was this magic plan, you ask? Hype the potty, stay home for the day, and drop Lyds on the potty after meals, before and after nap, and every 2 hours otherwise (if she didn't go on her own). We added major, major tangible treats for positive performance.

All along, people told me that when Lydia was ready, potty training would be easy. After a false start this summer that was apparently thwarted by our move to Minnesota, I have to say that now I believe it wasn't so much that we moved as much as she just wasn't ready. This time around, it's been a breeze.

Since a potty picture isn't so much appropriate, I'll leave you with this--look at those baby blues!

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