Thursday, January 3, 2013

BPP #2 and a Sneak Peak

We had Biophysical Profile (BPP) and Non-Stress Test (NST) #2 today, and Baby G2 again passed with flying colors--a perfect 10/10. We again had to work to get him moving during the NST, even though I had loaded up with a coffee beforehand. Once I got some cold liquid in me, he did his thing quickly. One nurse commented, "This seems to be a pattern..." and when , true to form, I worriedly asked the midwife if the baby's not-so-immediate performance was an indicator of anything problematic, she said, "Oh, no! Sometimes we'll have people hooked up to these for two hours!" The problem isn't that his heartrate doesn't accelerate in response to his movements, it's that he seems to have a party during the BPP and then just want to hang out during the NST. (An NST looks for baby's heart rate to accel in response to movements or contractions at least twice during 20 minute period.)

In other news, Baby is still head down and today, we got the bonus of a 4D Ultrasound pic. He sailed through the BPP ultrasound quickly, and turns out this is what you get to do if there's extra time and the baby cooperates! I've always thought 4D ultrasounds were kind of cheating, and I still don't think I would pay out of pocket for one (apparently some people will elect to have them done and pay out of pocket around 26 weeks just for the great pictures), BUT something about this image helped me put back in perspective that all of these extra appointments and labor and everything is for a baby that will be ours before too long. Robin and I both agree that he looks a lot like Lydia looked as a baby. Lydia favored Robin a lot as an infant and slowly came to look more like me or at least more like a blend of the two of us as she hit three or so months. This baby definitely has the Ganser nose while we're pretty sure Lydia has mine, but there's something about those cheeks that shows the two are siblings, especially considering Baby has seven-ish more weeks to pack on more chub.

Baby G2 at 33 Weeks, 2 Days
Lydia at 10 days old

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  1. Oh my goodness! That pic of Lydia at the same angle... it's uncanny. Too cute!