Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Help a Family Grow

Nearly eight years ago, Robin and his roommates threw a back-to-school party. On a whim, I introduced two friends thinking they might hit it off. The whim proved to be the one and only time I ever successfully played matchmaker, and Jonathan and Becky were married in 2005. Now they are ready to take the next step in their family lives, and in their words,
"We have always dreamed of adopting. Becky learned at a young age that she would be unable to become pregnant, and adoption has felt right to us from the beginning. Although adoption has been our plan for years, we know that it has not been yours. Our hearts go out to you as you choose what is right for you and your baby."
The grace, patience, and wisdom that Becky and Jonathan have demonstrated in going about this process (as documented in their blog) has been humbling. Before they are parents themselves, they have reminded me that parenting is a privilege.

I did not know that roughly 65% of adoptions nationwide happen with the help of a family and a friend. I could only dream of playing that role for Becky and Jonathan. Friends and family, if you know someone who is addressing an unwanted pregnancy, please tell them about this wonderful couple. They have put together a website at www.jonathanandbecky.com. Check it out, pass the word, and keep them in mind!!

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