Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Robin!!

This past week has allowed me lots of time to reflect on where Robin's and my journey has gone. Cruising by the University of Minnesota campus always causes me to get misty and nostalgic, but on this trip home, I kept marveling at just how far we have come. We found ourselves outside the restaurant where we ate dinner on our first "real" date, grabbed a late night snack in Dinkytown, the commercial district next to the U of M campus, and walked the same aisle we did shortly after exchanging wedding vows, only this time with our daughter.

Robin and I have been together for nearly eight years and married for nearly four. Robin has been an incredible partner to me, and I am so proud that he is the father of my daughter. His patience with Lydia is endless, and he is so careful to make sure that she is happy and well-cared for. If I began to list the things Robin does for Lydia that demonstrate how amazing it has been to watch the two of them these past months, I wouldn't know where to start or finish. No other man could have given me Lydia, no other man could be a better partner for me on the road of parenthood, and no other man could be a better father to Lydia than Robin.

Happy Father's Day!

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