Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Closing Time

I have not said anything about this on the blog, but about three weeks ago we received an offer on the "other side" of our house, and today we closed! So much about these duplexes has not gone according to plan that I was hesitant to put anything in writing, lest it go awry. To be honest, I haven't allowed myself to get excited until the moment we walked out of the closing itself. Today we signed all of the papers and the house is sold!!! Hooray!!!

A huge thank you to all of the people who have been so supportive to us during the very trying past months. Only now have I let myself really admit just how difficult the whole process has been. It's over now, and we're so glad!


  1. I hope y'all are celebrating tonight with a nice dinner, some good wine and a huge sigh of relief!

  2. I understand your not sharing this news---I would not have either-I don't walk under a ladder either ! Congratulations ! gggloria