Monday, October 19, 2009


It's not quite official, but I'm fairly confident that Lydia's first tooth has begun to cut through. It's her bottom left front tooth, and I'm resting a little more easily knowing that she actually does have teeth. I was worried she would remain toothless forever. This also explains why she's been a touch more quick to start crying these past few days.

Lydia also would like to thank her Aunt Judy for the bibs and the rubber ducky (I'm actually very excited about the rubber ducky, because it has a temperature sensor on the bottom that turns white if the water is too hot), and I am SUPER excited for the fleece blanket that was in the box! Robin's trusty Minnesota Gophers blanket has just about seen it's last day, so we were due for a new one, and this one is super cozy!

One final development: Lydia has realized that rolling over gets her from one place to another. On several occasions since Saturday, she has rolled all the way across the bed, once grabbing a toy on one end and rolling all the way back to the other with it still in hand!


  1. With or without the first tooth--we love you,Lydia------G G Gloria

  2. cute bib!!! What a cutie pie!!