Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Presents Under the Tree!

Christmas started a bit early this year, as presents from both grandparents arrived in the mail. I think there was eagerness on all sides to watch Lydia enjoy her new toys, so she opened them both today. Here, without further ado, is Lydia, enjoying her first taste of Christmas!

This morning, she opened her gift from her Hahn grandparents...
(Please note the wave hello to Robin behind the camera!)

And this afternoon, she opened her gift from her Ganser grandparents!

I'd say she's going to clean up this year!


  1. Awesome! Aidan is going to be all over that stuff on Sunday.

  2. Note Markus in the background. I'm omnipresent.

  3. Oliver is super jealous of Lydia's gifts! (Or, at least, I am). They are both too cool!

  4. I notice Stanley is quite interested in the gifts; The Penny was also quite interested when I played both videos!