Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sad Fact

While looking through our photos to put together our holiday card, we found exactly three pictures since September of all three of us together: one from Halloween taken by the Luthers and two from Aaron and Aidan's birthday party. Apparently we need the Luthers for family photos. :) 

This is going to be my New Years' resolution. We have thousands of photos of Lydia over the past nine months,  so we have been good about that, but family pictures are important to me!

On a related note, I now feel like a "for real" adult. We are sending out Christmas cards.


  1. Congrats for respecting family photos-Lydia is a doll but she does have great parents---Keep using that camera shutter-----See you soon=ggg

  2. You will have to learn to pose with that nice camera of yours on a stand or table. But we are just going to try to go to JC Penney a few times a year to make sure that the whole family is in a photo once and a while. It's hard. That's why our Christmas cards are strictly Aidan.

    And if you all taking more family photos is a reason to hang out with the Luthers more, then good. Any excuse is a good excuse, if you ask me.