Sunday, March 14, 2010


In all of the commotion and emoting surrounding Lydia's birthday, I have failed to mention three significant milestones:

--We are 85% certain Lydia is now saying "Dada" in reference to Robin. It's not perfectly clear, but almost... She also says something sounding similar to dog (da!) but it is not clear. (Elizabeth, I swear I am not copying you on this! Lydia and Oliver are right on track together!)

--Lydia can cruise along furniture but prefers to crawl. Pulling up is easy for her, so she will pull up, play in one spot, get down and crawl to another spot, and pull up again.

--On her birthday, she climbed our entire flight of stairs--17 steps! I was behind her the entire time, sure she would somehow fly off the steps and down through my hands.

--Today she stood for about 30 seconds. She was right next to Rachael, our cousin, but she stood up on her own and stayed standing on her own!!!

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  1. Of course, you're not copying me! Lydia is obviously copying Oliver (or, more true to their specific characters and relationship, Oliver is copying Lydia...) ;)