Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We have a standing Sunday evening date with our good friends the Luthers which has come to be one of the highlights of our weekends. Normally, we share dinner and a bottle of wine, but this Sunday we switched it up and met at Terra Burger in North Austin to give the kiddos a chance to be outside and play.

Aidan is exactly six months older than Lydia, and he has provided the best foreshadowing for the great things that are to come. On Sunday at Terra Burger, the little daredevil braved the slide!!! Meanwhile, Lydia showed off her less dynamic but equally exciting going-from-sitting-to-standing skills. It is hard to believe that in half a year, Lydia will be climbing up steps and going down slides on her own!

I think Aidan is saying, "What's the big deal, guys? The slide is only ten times my height!")

(Lydia heard us cheering for Aidan's brave sliding and started clapping herself!)

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  1. Wow! Lydia's already pulling to a stand at 6 months! That's impressive! She is going to love being outside this summer...She'll be a perfect age.

    Alicia Saari