Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She's Got Skillz

Lydia seems to be learning new tricks every day. She uses a spoon like a pro and will insist on having it when she eats. She still resorts to using her fingers at some point during the meal, but she uses a spoon or fork the majority of the time.

She has fallen in love with her baby doll. She feeds it, requests that I change its diapers, rocks it, and asks for it to be put to bed in her crib. Her love for babies in general was evident with Cousin Simone, and she's trying her best to spread the love to her best bud, Aidan.

Her vocabulary is growing steadily. I haven't been keeping an official word count, but she says mama, daddy, baby, backpack, no, yummy, all done, down, spoon, poo, dog, banana (dada), yogurt (o-uuu, obviously), airplane, flower, ball, uh-oh, and others. Maybe 20-30? The most significant word addition? No. We now hear "No" frequently, but fortunately, it still sounds cute to us. We both recognize that this feeling will change quickly, but for now, "No" is not a source of frustration!

Finally, I will leave you with a video of Lydia doing pushups with Robin. Note her breathing...

Lydia is growing so quickly, and we have more fun with her every day. It just gets better and better.