Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday, the cool morning weather allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite things: dressing Lydia up in adorable outfits. It has been in the 50s when we leave for school, so I felt layers were necessary. I included this picture in a previous post:

Here, you can see her awesome sweater (Robin said it looks like one of my "English major" sweaters), her adorable dress, her leg warmers, and her new shoes. She is also wearing her backpack. (Bah-pah is one of her favorite words, and she loooooves wearing it when we walk to the car to and from school.) Apparently, her classmates try to take it off the hook and put it on frequently.

Upon further investigation, I decided the picture didn't do justice to the cuteness of the leg warmers, so I took some more. This was in the afternoon, so her sweater was no longer needed. (Sidenote: the scratch on her cheek is self-inflicted. She was playing with plastic food and rubbing it a little too vigorously on her face.)

The outfit was SO cute that it was noted on her daily check sheet at daycare, a first.

Lydia struggled when her fans started asking, "What are you wearing???" Her verbal skills aren't quite there yet, so I'll help out.

Shoes: Converse (purchased on
Legwarmers: H&M (thanks, cousin Rachael!)
Dress: Daily Tea (thanks, Grandma Jeanette!)
Backpack: SkipHop


  1. I'm a little late, but I think I'm going to start showing off the pics with the legwarmers anytime I have my laptop open! Ridiculously adorable!

  2. So I'm revisiting your 2010 because I need some moral support as we approach the one year mark - I just saw this post and had to laugh - just a few weeks ago I ordered Adah the same owl backpack. Lydia and Adah truly are fashion soulmates! (Or maybe their mamas have some similar tastes...)