Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girls' Weekend

Robin is on Mancation in New Orleans, so Lydia and I are hanging out for the weekend. As I was rocking Lydia tonight and asking her about her day, she listed the things we had done and the people we had seen. Oliver and Aidan. Music class, bookstore, cupcakes, tacos. I realized that today was exactly what I used to do on my days alone, just toddler-style. We went for breakfast tacos at my favorite spot (and were joined by Elizabeth, Brian, and Oliver). We went to music class and then out for lunch (with Jessica, Aaron, and Aidan). We came home and took a nap. (I watched Glee.) When Lyds woke up, we headed to BookPeople (and hung in the kids section, not adult fiction). After scoring some new books for Lydia (with a discount, thanks to a friend!), we headed to Sugar Mama's to split a cupcake (before dinner, mind you. I have to teach her some vices, right?!?!) We came home, ate dinner, did the bedtime routine, and now Lydia is sleeping and I have a quiet house. We will be excited to have Robin back, but today was a great day.

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