Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Good Day

Lydia was a little stinker tonight. She was the girl who cried poop while in the tub, prompting me to take her soaking wet little body out twice to get on the potty. (No poop, in case you are wondering.) When Robin wanted to watch the Badgers game , I said I would read to Lydia alone, but she had other ideas. She stood in the corner of the room, looking at me saying, "No. No. No." The girl has definitely come to appreciate her bedtime routine, and it's best when we don't diverge, so Robin paused the game, and we read bedtime stories as a family.

In our routine, Lydia gets a bath and she and Robin stand at the sink for her to brush her teeth and drink some water. She then gets her PJs on, and we read books. Robin kisses her goodnight, and I rock her for awhile before putting her in the crib. Recently Lydia has added "Baby Lydia" to the routine. She likes me to hold her like a baby (cradled) and grins like a goofball when I do so. Today, I asked her if she had a good day. She said, "Yeah." I repeated, "Lydia had a good day," and she echoed, "Baby Lydia day... Baby Lydia good day." Then, "Mommy good day." "Yes, Lydia, Mommy had a good day." An hour prior, I would not have called today good, but in that moment, when everything seemed warm and fuzzy and saturated with love for my little girl, all I could do was agree.


  1. it takes forever for kids to get into a bed time routine my siter cant seem to sort it with her two young kids they just dont listen

  2. Lydia a stinker? Never!