Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Night and Day

Like all parents and their children, I am infinitely proud of Lydia. She is...

...flexible. During the past month, she has been shuttled from house to house and bed to bed, and she has trooped through it all. She has stayed true to her sleeping and eating patterns and has shown little to no sign of distress due to all of the changes.

...focused and self-entertaining. Since we left Austin in July, Lydia has taken four 4+ hour car rides, one being the 21 hour drive from Austin to Madison which we made in one day. During those trips, she has had zero tantrums and used NO electronic entertainment--all books, songs, imaginative play, and conversation. We were both in the front seats, so she was all on her own, and she did great.

...a communicator. During the past few months, we have really worked with Lydia to use her words to express her emotions. Through September, we will be spending a lot of time away from Robin, and that is going to be hard on our little Daddy's girl. She has definitely had her tearful moments, but she has learned to say, "I feel sad because I miss Daddy. I want to talk about it." Seriously. She says that, and we talk about it, and she takes a breath and continues on. Last night, she said, "I am a little bit sad because I miss Daddy, and you're a little bit sad, too, but we'll be okay." Tear out my heart, kid.

Now, I do take some pride in posting these things. I think my child is pretty great. However, my true motivation today is that I need to remind myself how great she is after the lunch we just endured while out with my dad.

It all started with a suggestion to go down to TCF Bank Stadium to see a Golden Gopher football open scrimmage. Knowing it would be relaxed, I thought Lydia would enjoy tagging along, so the three of us packed up and drove to the University of Minnesota. I love any opportunity to get Lydia on the campus and allow myself to dream of her attending school there one day and becoming a third generation U of M student where her parents met on their first day of freshman orientation and spent three fabulous collegiate dating years, knowing full well that I will try my hardest not to ever pressure her to attend school anywhere but where she is excited to go.
Anyway, we got to the stadium early, so Lydia and I trucked over to pick up a copy of my transcript to file with my new school district and dropped in to see the woman who coordinated the Orientation program where I was an Orientation Leader during college. After a lovely catch-up during which Lisa supplied Lydia with a little Goldy Gopher and a maroon and gold pom-pom to play with, we headed back to the stadium where Lydia watched our Golden Gophers scrimmage. While sitting in the bleachers, she learned three cheers: "Go, Gophers, Go!" "Rah, rah, ski-u-mah!" and "Gophers, don't break my heart again, please." When she'd had enough, we packed up and headed to Annie's Parlor for lunch.

This is where the break-down began. Throughout lunch, Lydia attempted to (and sometimes accomplished)...
  • knock over her water.
  • throw all of her Cheerios on the floor.
  • yell in the bathroom through her entire time-out (due to the Cheerio incident).
  • inform me that her Cheerios WEREN'T all gone after she knocked them on her floor, they were in the sink.
  • eat all of her ketchup with her fingers.
  • rub her ketchup all over her plate using her pickles.
  • hit my dad, both with her hand and with her pickles.
  • throw her sandwich over her shoulder and onto the floor.
At that point, we left. Fortunately, most of the above incidents were mess-making and not people-disturbing, but still. She slightly redeemed herself when she fell asleep approximately three minutes after we strapped her into her carseat, so if I'm following the "Never blame a child that is tired or hungry" rule, she is excused. Regardless, I will definitely be nervous to take her out to eat again. Sheesh.


  1. This entire post is full of win. Full of it.

  2. Oh Lyds, you've been acting like a two year old!

    gramma Mree (I'll eat you up I love you so...)

  3. Laurie, you write so well---thank you for all the time you have given to the blogl You have brightened many a day.....Great to know that our girl is up to the challenge of change--Gotta throw a few cherrios,Mom. They compliment the pickles !!!!! Love you GG

  4. Love it! :)
    Especially the pickles and that last photo...Ha!

  5. I knew Lydia was funny the first time I met her. Of course she misses her Dad....he will be
    back soon Lydia!