Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holden: One Month

Holden is now one month old! We have settled into somewhat of a routine; his sleeping and eating patterns have become predictable (for the most part) and we are figuring each other out. Holden is such a sweet, sweet baby. He loves to be held and snuggled, and when he cries, he is easily pacified, often by nursing or rocking and walking. In true second child form, he has been out and about for much of the past month; he has been to the Children's Museum, the Edinborough Indoor Playground, lots of brunches and lunches, and both Mom and Dad's places of work on multiple occasions. I am currently wrapping up coursework for my K-12 Reading Specialist license, so if knowledge can be acquired through osmosis, Holden will be a literacy expert by toddlerhood. I have held him in my lap while doing much of my reading and homework and held him through my required reading intervention sessions with a ninth grade student.

Holden continues to be the apple of Lydia's eye, and while she has definitely struggled with decreased attention, she has never directed any resentment toward him. Instead, she will frequently interrupt what she is doing to run over to Holden and hug and kiss him.

Holden has survived his first cold and his first fall on the ice; he was in his carrier and quite cushioned--my rear took most of the hit. He continues to become more alert and is now giving us the sweetest little smiles that have yet to be caught on film. He has broken in his cloth diapers, and due to the extra bulk, is already starting to move out of his newborn clothes and into 0-3 month duds. He is a champion eater and for the third and fourth weeks of his first month, he gained ten ounces a week.

We are continuing to adjust to life as a family of four; while I knew that adding a second child to the mix would bring its own challenges, one never really knows what they are in for when it comes to babies and parenthood. While the past month has presented lots of opportunities for growth and learning, any frustration is quickly countered by our sweet little boy. Happy one month, Holden!


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