Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weight Check

Due to our breastfeeding struggles, we brought Holden back to the pediatrician to check on his weight. We wanted to insure that he had hit his birth weight and find out that we had indeed established a decent breastmilk supply.

On Tuesday, Holden and I braved the snowy roads to pop him on the scale. I had 9 lbs. 13 ozs. in my head as a goal. This would be a 1 oz. a day gain since our previous Tuesday appointment, so imagine my surprise when I put him on the scale and 10 lbs., 1 oz popped up! Turns out the little stinker gained ELEVEN OUNCES over seven days. My milk supply is DEFINITELY established, though yesterday I paid for my premature celebration of the end of breastfeeding drama in the form of a very plugged right side. (Thanks to the Facebook Lactation Consultants aka fellow breastfeeding mom friends for their awesome advice on that one!) We are still not totally out of the woods with breastfeeding issues; I've got some latch issues to straighten out at our Lactation Consultant appointment tomorrow, but things are much better and, at the very least, Holden is getting lots of milk, is sleeping well, gaining weight, and seems generally content.

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