Sunday, April 7, 2013

Road Trip to Madison!

The weekend before Easter we jumped in the car and headed to Madison. Robin's sister, Elise, moved to Den Bosch in the Netherlands last week and we wanted her to meet Holden before she left, and Holden's great grandparents on the Ganser side were pretty excited to see him, also. We also wanted to meet our newest little buddy, Linden--Robin's longtime friend Lissa's little girl, and we got the chance to see the Skelly family (minus Daniel and Beth) for a lunch. (Lissa and I shared due dates, but Holden came a bit early, and Linden came a bit late.) We had a great weekend in Madison, and Holden did beautifully in the car. Lydia is definitely more of the travel challenge when it comes to long drives.

Holden is the twenty-sixth(!) great-grandchild in the Ganser family, and with his birth, the great-grandchildren outnumber the grandchildren! One of my favorite things about introducing our children to their great-grandparents is the memories that babies elicit for them. The cyclical nature of child-rearing is really incredible to me, and the privilege of introducing our children to our grandparents drives this home. I love that motherhood is this timeless, shared experience.
Great-Grandma Georgiann hasn't lost her touch!

Four Generations of Ganser Men: Robin, Holden, Great-Grandpa Hugh, and Grandpa Dale

A rare photo of Holden and me. Since I'm the photographer in the family, photos of me and Lydia or Holden are few and far between.


  1. Wonderful photos! Yes, "Motherhood is timeless!"

  2. That last comment was Gramma Mree, btw...

  3. love that last photo! such a sweet expression on his face... "yep, mommy's kissing me!!"