Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're Going to the Zoo!

And not just our house.

The Minnesota Zoo was one of my favorite places as a child. I have vivid memories of my dad taking my brother and I there during Spring breaks. Apple Valley is quite a hike from Forest Lake where I grew up, and I didn't realize that the Zoo is actually quite close to where we live--less than a twenty minute drive! When last Friday, Lydia's school was closed, I knew that a day cooped up with Lydia and Holden would not be very fun, so I called my mom and asked if she wanted to come join us. She came up with the idea of going to the zoo, and a great idea it was!

We ended up being at the zoo for three hours. We did an insane amount of walking, but Lydia was so excited to see everything she could, we kept on trucking. I wore Holden in the Moby wrap for most of the time, and Lydia walked. Her favorite animals were the otter, the flamingos, the snow monkeys, the penguins, the shark, and the stingrays. It was so fun to see her experience something that I loved so much!

One thing I will say: the Minnesota Zoo actually provides nursing space, which is nice. The area was tucked back in a corner, and I originally thought that by "Nursing Area" they meant "Chair in Bathroom," but I was wrong. I ended up nursing Holden on a bench, which was fine, especially after another mom sat down and nursed her daughter next to me. (We had a lovely conversation about teething.) Next time, I would probably seek out the nursing area just so that Holden could have some quiet and a break from all of the stimulation. And by "Holden," I mean me.

Lydia and Grandma Jeanette watch the flamingos. (Notice that Lydia isn't looking at the camera. She was so excited about everything around her, a focused photo was impossible!)

Holden loves the Moby wrap! It has been lent to us by Mike and Brittany. Thanks!

Lydia climbed up to see the penguins. I think Happy Feet is in our future.

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