Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogger Fail

Here are the things I have thought about blogging on:

1.) My battle with laundry and clothing organization. It never stops and there are clothes scattered throughout our upstairs.

2.) Lydia's great frog that was a gift from El Padrino and Auntie Britty. It is filled with lavender and can be heated or cooled to be the perfect sleep buddy.

3.) Our trips over Christmas break.

4.) The delicious lasagna recipe we tried this week.

5.) No Child Left Behind and the impending TAKS in less than six weeks.

6.) The owl in our front yard that Robin snapped photos of.

7.) The six week stretch between paychecks that all AISD teachers deal with in December/January. Annoying.

But instead, I will settle on a photo of the owl

From January 2010

and a recent favorite of Lydia. (This was right after she pulled up to a stand in her crib. She did this for the first time awhile ago but hasn't done it much since. Doesn't she look crazed?)

From January 2010

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