Thursday, January 7, 2010


After a beautiful week in Puerto Rico capped off by an unexpected extra night in San Juan that turned out to be perfect, we have come back to a week of blunders.


--drove into our driveway late Sunday evening to discover that one of our large pecan trees had lost two huge branches. One took out a section of our fence and the other landed on our garage. Thank goodness for the other large tree in our yard that broke its fall, hopefully protecting our garage roof. Robin is working on the insurance/tree removal, and it is annoying.

--are freezing. Not only were we totally spoiled in Puerto Rico, this week highs in Texas have hung around the 30s and 40s. Yes, Northern friends, we know this is "nothing," but Texas buildings are not prepared for this weather; they're designed to cool in extreme heat, meaning most do not heat evenly at all, leaving cold drafty rooms next to hot stuffy rooms. The heater at school was broken on Monday and Tuesday--I didn't take off my jacket all day--and the kids are cranky.

--don't want to go to work. And by we here, I mean I. I have had a really hard time finding my enthusiasm this week and really just want to be home with Robin and Lydia. Hopefully we'll get some good time this weekend.

--have some sort of infection going on. And by we here, I mean Lydia. We took her to the doctor in Minnesota, and she was treated for an ear infection, and in the past 24 hours, her runny nose has come back with a vengeance, accompanied by disgusting goup coming from her eyes as well as some puffiness. She will be going to the doctor tomorrow.

--can't figure out what is going on with our fancy pants new camera. It is taking pictures well but when you look through the viewfinder, it's blurry. We have to take it in.

On the upside:

--I turned 28 yesterday. I have had a great birthday week, kicked off in Puerto Rico, and continuing through the week. Last night, we along with some friends presented Hyde Park Grill with their worst nightmare: six adults and three children in highchairs. I had great dinner and wonderful company!

--Things seem to be picking up at Robin's office and he is getting started on a project with his dad. He is thankful to have some work on the horizon, and I am, too.

--Lydia has gotten into "walking" while we hold her fingers. It is so cute! I will post a video soon!


  1. Cheer up Charley, Summer will be here soon!!!


  2. on your camera, check that the little scroll(by where you put your eye to take the photo) didn't get moved, as it is adjustable depending on your eye site .. just like binoculars!!!

    Hope that will help!

  3. That fixed the problem!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Glad I could help!!! Love your blog ;)

  5. Amanda, it was you!!! Thank you!!! Hope you're doing well!