Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eighteen Month Well-Check

This morning, Robin and I took Lydia to her Eighteen Month Well-Check. It went well overall. Lydia is still off the charts in everything, measuring 34.25" with a head circumference of 19.8" and weighing in at 33 lbs., 1 oz. Dr. Bell initially noted that she has jumped up a bit on the weight curve, but after talking with us about Lydia's diet and noting that she has actually lost 3 ozs. since we brought her in for an ear infection a few weeks ago, she was not concerned. She predicted that Lydia's weight will most likely plateau during the next few months and she will continue to stretch upwards.

Dr. Bell was pleased with her developmental progress, and we discussed time-outs (redirection is no longer cutting it) and Lydia's resistance to brushing her teeth. We also discussed the signs of potty training readiness. I am not anticipating seeing these signs any time soon, but it was nice to have the conversation and realize that, if Lydia is potty trained by 3, we may be past the half-way point in terms of changing diapers. For now, Lydia enjoys not only having a diaper on her bottom, but one used as headwear also. (That's a swim diaper she's sporting on her noggin.)

We will not see Dr. Bell for another well check until Lydia is 2. That is the longest stretch between well checks, and it makes me feel like our little girl is really growing up. Remember, we started off seeing her every week, then every two weeks, then every four. Now we're up to six months!!! I feel like the saying "the days go slowly, the years go quickly" is definitely holding true.


  1. So what did the doctor say about teeth brushing?!?!?! This is SUCH a struggle for us and it's on my list of questions for Drew's appointment about two weeks from now. I'm wondering if I need to take him to the dentist for a professional cleaning already since we're lucky if we can *really* clean one tooth a day around here....

  2. Ditto what Kelsey said. I'd love to hear the recommendations on tooth brushing. Oliver loves his toothbrush but he won't let us hold it and he only manages to brush one molar the whole time.