Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

But not what you think. In a lot of parenting moments, these words provide solace. Sleepless nights, fussy days, frustrating moments when we ask ourselves, "How did we get here?" and not in a good way.

There's a flip side, though.

Children grow so quickly, and I'm learning there will be a final time for everything. So many gizmos and gadgets have been put away, never to be used by Lydia again, and I always feel strangely nostalgic when putting things like the nursing pillow, the swing, and other toys into storage.

Then there are the things that can't be stored away. Things like a nap taken on your chest instead of in the crib, toothless smiles... there are last times for those, too.

I am trying to keep gratitude and appreciation in mind when spending time with Lydia. Trying to be extra mindful and realize that it's not just the hard times that pass. Good things evolve and change, and while I would never trade 18 month old Lydia for 6 month old Lydia, sometimes, at the strangest moments, it hits me that it is so important to try to memorize every moment, because though they will be replaced by more beautiful moments and special exchanges between parent and child, these moments now, these special exchanges, those too shall pass.

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  1. Well put Laurie... I often find myself thinking in a similar way these days.