Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I got my haircut at a new salon. I haven't liked my haircuts for awhile, and at the recommendation of a friend, I went to Modesty Hair Studio to get my hair cut by Naomi.

First, let me say that Modesty is super cute, as environmentally responsible as any hair studio in Austin, and they got me an appointment two days after I called. I was late, and Naomi was super understanding. She asked me what I wanted, we chatted, and she got down to business. Her observations about my hair texture, weight, etc. were spot on.

I haven't felt this good about my hair in years.

Being a mom AND a teacher, the frump factor is a huge fear of mine. I feel fairly confident that I have managed to dodge the frump when it comes to clothes, but time is super scarce, and opportunities to look nice and feel "put together" are few and far between, so my ongoing dislike for my hair has been frustrating. (Who wants to get dressed up, struggle with their hairstyle and end up pulling it up anyway?) At this moment, though, I'm unabashedly in love with my hair.

When I walked in after getting my hair cut tonight, Robin said I looked like a shadow of my former self--he was super complimentary, and I think it was much about the actual haircut as it was my clear excitement. As a teacher, spring generally brings lack of make-up, hair up, and exhaustion, and the need to get Lydia out the door with me exacerbates this problem. Only as I saw my reflection as I was leaving Modesty did I realize how much better I felt. I didn't know that I still had it in me to feel this good.

In sum, the Austin shout-out: Modesty Hair Salon. Opened by two women, local, green, pleasant, super cute decor. Do it. This project deserves support.

The mommy lesson: now that I've identified something that 1.) was really dragging down the way I felt about my appearance and by extension, myself and 2.) is easily remedied, I need to make it a priority. I think I'm worth it.

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  1. I love it! Totally good cut. I also have appreciated a good haircut, but now it's like an hour of complete self-care luxury and bliss!