Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Rained in Austin...

...and Lydia got to wear her new raincoat!

My grandma sent Lydia some money for her birthday, and I had some fun. I've been wanting to buy Lydia a raincoat for a long time, but someone (*cough* Robin *cough*) said they weren't practical. As Lydia's aunt Heidi pointed out, they're SUPER practical when it rains, so I decided Grandma would definitely approve of using her money for a raincoat, especially when it looks like this:
A dress is also on it's way to our house, courtesy of Great Grandma Gloria, but I wanted to get the photo posted, especially since I think Grandma G. is my most dedicated reader. Grandma also sent a check for me in honor of Lydia's birthday, which I used to purchase a necklace. Yay for birthdays!

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