Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lydia's First Friend

Three years ago July, Robin and I met our friends Brian and Elizabeth to share a bottle of wine at a local wine bar. Earlier that day, a nurse had told me over the phone that I was "not not pregnant," but we had already planned to meet at Vino Vino. Robin and I had planned to say that I was not feeling well in order to explain why I wasn't drinking, but shortly into the evening, I let it slip that we more than likely had a baby on the way.

The next time I saw Elizabeth, I was coming from our first appointment with my obstetrician, had a sonogram on hand, had just heard Lydia's heartbeat for the first time, and had confirmed her due date. When I told Elizabeth our baby was coming in March, she said, "So is ours!"* and so began the story of Oliver and Lydia.

Their first play date was before Oliver had decided to make his debut as an outside baby, and as Lydia wiggled on Elizabeth's stomach, Oliver kicked back. They met "in person" when Oliver was about 24 hrs. old, and Oliver has been a consistent part of Lydia's life ever since.

I have to say I love that little boy. His excitement, near-constant grin, and on-the-go nature have won my heart. First of all, he knows the vast majority of NFL ref signals and can tell a mean knock-knock joke. Selfishly, it has been wonderful to have friends to accompany us as we all made the transition to parenthood. On the 12th of April, exactly one month after Lydia's birthday, Oliver turned 2, and yesterday we celebrated two years with this adorable little boy.

As always, Brian and Elizabeth put on a great party, and as I watched Lydia and Oliver chase bubbles in the backyard, as I listened to Lydia talk about "Oliver's birthday party," and give him a hug as we left, I simultaneously marveled at how fast time moves and felt intense pride and love in both Lydia and her first friend.

*Oliver's due date was later changed. He wasn't two weeks late!

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  1. So sweet! It's been such a joy to watch these two grow up together. We're lucky to know all of you. Thanks for the great photos of Oliver's party. The last one in this entry ranks a my favorite picture of these two of all time!