Monday, November 7, 2011

Number Three

This weekend, Robin and I began our third move in four months. I have been somewhat vague about our living situation, largely because it has been such a tremendous source of stress and anxiety, I couldn't handle the thought of 1.) articulating it and 2.) dealing with all of the questions and comments that come when one shares a stressful situation.

Now that we're almost done, here's the story:

Robin and I signed a lease for an apartment in south Minneapolis last summer. We signed the lease sight-unseen, largely because the rental market is crazy right now and between looking in a limited neighborhood, needing a property that would take pets, and my need to have something locked down, we just needed an apartment.

Fast forward months later. I was sitting having pie therapy with my cousin Maurya, and I get a strange voicemail from our apartment property. It seemed they didn't have our move-in date on their record, despite the fact that we had signed a lease and paid our deposit. I didn't think much of it and planned on calling in the morning.

Robin beat me to it and, long story short, we learned that due to a clerical misstep, our apartment had been given away. Cue major panic. Unfortunately, the problem couldn't be immediately fixed. Fortunately, the property managers recognized the urgency of the situation and did everything they could to accommodate us as best as possible.

Those accommodations involved the three of us plus Stanley living in a one-bedroom apartment for the past six weeks in a different building and neighborhood than where we had signed a lease. Anxious to get into Minneapolis-proper and live together as a family, we took them up on their offer. Neighborhood-wise, we fell in love and we will most likely look to the area where we spent the past six weeks when it comes time to buy a house. Living-wise, I'm not sure one could take a larger step down than we did. Compare pictures of our house in Austin to the one-bedroom apartment (no, there are no pictures), and you would instantly see what I mean.

Anyway, this weekend, Robin and I cleared out the temporary apartment and moved everything into our more long-term place. Our backs are aching, and there is still a storage unit to be cleared and a piano to be moved.

Through the whole experience, Lydia has been a trooper and so inspiring. All the girl needs to be happy is her bed, her family, and some toys. She was THRILLED to see her kitchen set up in her new room. Once again, she has helped us keep perspective, and I am so thankful.

Hopefully now we will be able to host a little--there were exactly six adult friends who were permitted into our one-bedroom apartment, and four were there to help us move in. It will feel good to be at least a little more settled.

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