Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby update: 5 pounder is holding up well.

Robin and I are doing everything we can to prepare for this baby before we move into the new house. Most major purchases have been made, and we have taken our birthing class at Seton Hospital, where we will be delivering. Still on the to-do list are finding a daycare, though I have one in mind, and getting my maternity leave/possible disability leave in order. 

Some might be wondering about whether or not Baby G. has a name, and the answer is yes, she does. We have picked out a name that we are very excited about, but we have decided to follow the steps of some friends and family before us and keep the name a secret until it is officially on the birth certificate. Her first name will begin with an "L," and Robin has described the name to some as "classic and inspired." More information to come in March! 

At our last doctor's appointment, everything checked out well. Baby G. is measuring as a big little girl; at 32 weeks, the ultrasound estimate for her weight was 5 lb. We have been told by lots of people that these estimates are notoriously wrong, so we are holding out hope. If it is right and she goes to 40 weeks, we will be having a very big girl!

Finally, Robin and I have made the decision to have a doula at the baby's birth. After hearing about friends' positive experiences with doulas and deciding that we would really love to have a drug-free delivery, we figured a doula was a good idea. We interviewed two and felt an immediate connection with Kristen Downer, the doula who was present at the birth of Sofia, Robin's cousins Anne Michelle and Tristan's daughter. For those that are not familiar with the role of the doula, check out this website. If you are one of our Austin area friends and would like Kristen's contact info for yourself or someone else, let us know!

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  1. What day care do you have in mind? I haven't even thought about that decision yet since he won't be starting any day care until September... -Elizabeth