Sunday, January 25, 2009

House Update

Robin has been working insanely hard to finish what I began calling our "crazy house project" over a year ago. Long story short: Our little 1940s house was moved in June, leaving our lot empty. We both really loved that house, but realized that, with the rising property values in our neighborhood, it was too small and too run-down for anyone to buy without the almost inevitable plan to tear down. After lots of consideration, we decided to redevelop the property ourselves. Robin did an extensive amount of research and opted to try his hand at designing and then building two modular town homes. The units finally arrived in late October, and we will be moving in at the end of next week. Robin has done a really beautiful job, even with several very frustrating setbacks. 

Now the challenge will be selling the "other half." While our current economy makes this a daunting task, we are lucky to live in a city that, as of December had the second fastest moving housing market in the country and happen to have landed in a neighborhood that still seems to be doing alright, in terms of real estate. The house is on the market, and as the units become finished, Robin will move his focus to marketing them. Definitely keep us in your thoughts and/or prayers, send us positive energy, do whatever it is you do in hopes of getting this house sold!

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