Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Priceless comments

Working in a high school means countless ridiculous comments regarding my always-growing belly and pregnancy in general. Here are some highlights:

1.) It gets bigger every day!
2.) It looks like you're hiding a basketball under there.
3.) Are you feeling hormonal? (My response: No, you're just being rude.)
4.) Remember, kids, we don't touch the teacher. (My answer when they ask to touch my belly.)
5.) How many months do you have? (ALL of my Spanish-speaking kids say this instead of "How many months are you?)
6.) You're getting FAT! (At which point, we had a brief lesson in appropriate ways to comment on pregnancy in earlier stages. Ex: You're starting to show OR I can see the baby is growing.)
And my personal favorite...
7.) Whoa! It's coming at me! (When I leaned over a student to pass a paper to the person behind her.)

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