Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Down to the Wire

Tonight, Robin and I packed our hospital bag. Our doula had suggested waiting until I go into labor and making this one of my "labor projects," or tasks to do when you are in the early stages of labor to keep occupied, but after my mom reminded me that she was in labor for a total of 6 hours with me, I realized that I might want a labor project that is a little less necessary. 

Between the list we were given at our birthing class and the cushy list in Rock Star Momma, one of my more frivolous pregnancy reads, I feel like we are pretty prepared on the bag front. The funniest thing is that we also have a birthing ball (read: exercise ball) that we are bringing along for coping with contractions. I keep picturing Robin loaded down with my huge bag and the huge ball and me in labor... I'm sure we will be quite the sight. The most fun part about packing the bag was definitely picking out Baby G.'s "Going Home Outfit." We are lucky to have LOTS of clothes for this little girl, so the choice was not easy!

Our nursery is pretty much ready, and we have checked every item off of our shopping list other than a few things that are not necessary to have pre-arrival of Baby G. I've attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

The crib is the Graco Lauren, the bedding, a gift from my parents, is from Restoration Hardware, and the crib mattress is a gift from my grandma. We picked out the mobile, also a gift from my parents, after watching our friends Jessica and Aaron's son Aidan stare at his for a shockingly long time.  Most of the "L"s were custom-made for Baby G. by Robin's dad in his shop at work, other than one that I bought on etsy.com. The "L" idea came up pretty randomly, and I really love the collection on the wall. The bassinet in the corner is a hand-me-down from one of Robin's co-workers; it might be the nicest piece of furniture in the nursery!

Like the mobile, we totally copied Jessica and Aaron on the changing table/shelf combo, even down to the baskets. The shelves are from Ikea, and the perfectly-fitting baskets are from Target. Please note the plethora of books, all gifts--from Robin's mom, from one of my co-workers, and from a very generous gift certificate from Brian and Elizabeth, some good friends of ours in Austin. Also note the shelf of blankets: we have beautiful blankets given to us by Robin's boss and his wife, my aunt Judy, Lynn Ruter, a very special family friend, and Mary Schmida, my Wested coach at school; a few were mine growing up. The piggy bank is from a high school friend of mine and was given to us with the words, "Start saving for college!"

I included the closet photo for two reasons: 1.) to display the sea of pink and 2.) to show off my beautiful diaper bag, given to me by Robin's mom. I am really looking forward to carrying it! I am also pretty pumped about my Maya wrap, a gift from another good friend from high school!

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