Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who will buy???

Ten points to the first person to complete that song lyric!

Robin is busily getting the other duplex unit ready for our open house today. He has been working so hard! I am really hoping that the open house goes well. I plan to stay hidden, in part because I don't want to scare off any potential buyers who aren't baby people. They can find out after they close! ;) I will be on duty to make beer, wine and cheese runs should we run out.

I had a really fantastic work shower at Genuine Joe's Coffeehouse, one of my Austin favorites. We had yummy cake from Russell's Bakery and sat around to chat. It was very low-key--just how I wanted it. I also did very well in the gift department!

Today I am hoping to make one of the final Babies 'R' Us runs pre-arrival of Baby G. The list of things to buy is actually quite small, but includes a big one--the breast pump. For a working mom, buying a good breast pump is really not even an option if breast feeding is a priority. We have decided on the Medela Instyle after hearing some mixed reviews of the Freestyle (their latest, fanciest option). Other items on the list include diapers, wipes, etc... We are getting down to the wire!

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  1. My pump was just delivered this weekend and I was sanitizing all the parts just yesterday. I gotta tell ya, even when you buy the "top of the line" products, they are still terrifying-looking contraptions!