Thursday, February 12, 2009

Officially on the Home Stretch!

We are now four weeks out from our due date! We had our 36 wk. appointment today and learned that Baby G. is still quite large. Our ultrasound weighed her in at 7 lbs. 3 ozs., putting her at an estimated 9 lbs. and some at 40 weeks. Her abdomen is particularly large, meaning our baby has a pot belly. Our OB told us that because Baby G. is so big, she would love for her to come a week or so early, so we are beginning our "get the baby here" tactics a week from today, and I have decided I am going to will her out on March 5th or 6th. If I successfully do this, I will be amazed.

On a more superficial note, my feet are disgusting. At the end of each work day they are so swollen that if I press on them with my finger, the indent stays. (This is called "dimpling," according to my college roommate Elise, who is also a nurse.)

Finally, we thought Stanley was over his nursery issues, but as I type, he is upstairs barking in the nursery. Crazy dog!

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  1. There is a book called And Baby Makes Four or something like that. It's supposed to help you prepare a dog for the arrival of a baby. I haven't really looked at it but I think we have a copy of it at the store if you're interested. We haven't had many problems with our dogs yet but we haven't started setting up the nursery. We'll see how Miles reacts to that.