Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making Progress!!

We had our 38 week OB appointment this morning, and I was VERY excited to hear that I am 1-2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced! While this doesn't mean that the baby is speeding towards her grand entry into the world, it was good to hear that I had made so much progress since last week, when there was no dilation or effacement! The physician's assistance shared her "gut feeling" that I will not go the full 40 weeks, and I am hoping that she is correct!

We also met with our doula this evening. She will be accompanying us to our doctor's appointment next week, and then the next time we will see her will be when I am in labor! She gave us some tricks to get labor moving and is also giving us the name of an acupuncturist to contact next week if I am really desperate. (Our doctor was actually the first person who suggested acupuncture when we realized we had a large baby on our hands. She gave us permission to try it at 39 weeks.)

We're keeping our fingers crossed for next week!

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  1. Laurie, that's amazing! Congratulations! My OB told me when she saw that I was already dilated a couple of centimeters that she always feels better when the woman is dilated before she starts having contractions. To her, that was a big deal and a good one for us. The blog is awesome, btw.