Thursday, November 19, 2009


We safely returned from Chicago on Sunday evening had a really great trip. Lydia traveled like a champ. She cried during two of the four descents. Take-offs were fine, and she fussed for about 2 minutes during one flight while she was trying to get comfortable to go to sleep. During the five days on the road, Lydia met her Aunt Elise, hung out in Wisconsin with Grandma Mree and Grandpa Dale, kicked it in Chicago with Auntie Britty and Uncle Mike (aka Padrino), and spent an evening with Grandma Jeanette and Great Aunt Phyllis. To say she was absolutely perfect would be stretching it--all of the new faces and places paired with teething tired her out, but I am pretty proud of how well she fared. She's such a good, resilient little girl.

So here are a handful of photos of our trip.

Lydia with Grandpa Dale
Lydia with Grandma Mree
Robin and I all gussied up after the wedding. (Please note the REAL bowtie that Robin learned how to tie.)
The Newlyweds! Doesn't she look fantastic?!?!
Lydia hanging at Beans and Bagels in ChicagoDanced up a storm with Auntie Brittany and El Padrino aka Uncle Mikey (at not one, but TWO wedding dances.)

And reunited with good friends.

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  1. Nice pictures!! You 2 look fantastic :)