Friday, June 11, 2010

Help Me Rhonda

I have tried to think of some sort of poetic introduction to this video, but really, it needs no words. Circa 1998, here is Robin, along with Gabe, Mike, and Matt, providing us all with some great vocal stylings, not to mention a few amazing dance breaks. Oh, the moves, the obvious giddiness, the hairstyles (not to mention existing hairlines...) It is all just too good. Special thanks to Dusty E. for not only digging this up, but getting it on youtube and sending it out. (Rhonda is his mom; the boys made this for her!)


  1. What did Robin do to you that you would put this on the Internet? It must have been pretty bad... :)

    Is all this by way of telling us that Robin has joined a boy band and is hitting the road?

  2. oh-my-gosh. a bit painful. but sooooo funny. love that this exists.


  3. Time goes soooo fast! They look like little boys. What fun.