Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Tricks

Lydia has been working on some party tricks. We have been telling her for awhile that all of the other babies are walking and fussing, so she needs to up her game.

Some we are not so pleased with. She attempted to dance on the table, but decided her Mozart cube didn't provide the appropriate tunes.

She is working on food art, but has realized that supplies are limited, as Robin and I do not replenish her dish and cup when she has successfully spread her entire serving of breakfast on the countertop.

She is still working with these minimal resources.

She finally settled on the classic body-part identification routine.

"Lydia, where is your head?"

"Your nose?"

"Your feet?"

"Show me your belly!"


  1. These are beyond precious!!!

    Grandma Jeanette

  2. Such an advanced kiddo!!