Friday, March 4, 2011

Lyds on the Silver Screen

Or Youtube, at least. Here's some footage I've been meaning to get online!

Lydia serving us some coffee. If you enjoy toilet humor, listen carefully when she squats down at the beginning. There is an audible fart from the Lyds.

Note how polite she is when asking whether we're done.

With her birthday rapidly approaching, Lydia has taken strongly to the "Happy Birthday" song. Not lacking self-esteen, she sings it to herself. Here she is before school this morning. "Happy-Doeday, Eeeee--aaaaahhhh!!!!"

Here is Lydia being silly with Robin.

But better yet, here is her laughing at herself in the very video posted above. Clearly, she thinks she is hilarious. I love that she gets her own humor when watching it on a screen.

Finally, here is Lydia in a crazy mood; fortunately, she's not this wired very often. This was tonight, after she was done with dinner but while Robin and I were still sitting at the table.


  1. Thanks for these videos!! The LIDS had both Dave and I cracking up.

  2. What a little character! I feel like I just got to visit her. That last one makes me think she got into some real caffeine.

    Gramma Mree

    P.S. The fart was hilarius. WHERE does that come from????