Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's So Hip

Last week, South by Southwest hit the city of Austin. Thousands of people swarmed downtown for live music, film, and technical showcases, panels, and general hipster frivolity. The city was packed.

Robin and I have always found SXSW overwhelming, but this year when my cousin Andrew texted us to say that The Strokes would be playing a free show on Thursday night, we decided to go for it. We put Lydia in the backpack, drove downtown, and got into the show. (Our entry is a bit of a story, but we will save that for another time.)

Lydia LOVED walking across the bridge to Auditorium Shores, where the show was taking place. She kept saying, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" She was so excited! She was a bit more apprehensive at the show itself, though she did whip out her air guitar skills a couple times and clapped at the end of each song while cheering, "Yay!!!"

I'm not sure we'll be taking her to another live show any time soon, but it felt good to be spontaneous and push our boundaries a bit. Plus, when Lydia is old, she can say that she saw The Strokes live at the tender age of two.

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