Monday, October 22, 2012

On the Move--Again

We are moving. Again. Today, my coworker told me, "You're always moving!" Yes. Yes, I am. Last July we packed up in Austin and headed north to stay with my parents for two months. Then in September we moved into a temporary apartment due to a lease snafoo. Last October, we moved into the two bedroom apartment where we have lived for the past year. We quickly decided this was NOT where we wanted to reside for more than one year, and we were thrilled to find the an adorable duplex in the East Harriet neighborhood that was for rent. It has three bedrooms, a fireplace, and it is in a location that works a little better for us. It also has a basement for storage, a small yard, and a washer and dryer that belongs JUST TO US! Ah, luxury...

Despite our excitement, Lydia was NOT thrilled about the idea of packing her things up. When Robin told her we were moving, she wailed. Yesterday while riding in the car, she told us, "Moving is hard for kids. It's hard for us to understand." Right on, Lyds. I think she'll acclimate quickly, but her anxiety was yet another reminder that she's getting older and sees the world through her own little lens.

I'll document a we make the spot our own, but for now, I am proud that at 10:15 the night before the movers come, we are ready to go! This is totally a personal record.

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  1. I love their comments at this age. They are so sensitive and insightful! I just hope they stay this emotionally available as they get older! Hope the move goes well-- not easy to do while pregnant. Best of luck in your next new place!