Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top Ten Summer Moments - 2012

It makes me sad that the past year has gone undocumented on this blog, and as much as I'd love to say I'll go back, I know the odds of that are slim. As time allows, I'll fill in, but mostly, I'm hoping to move forward and keep blogging. Considering I've posted more in the past week than in the past six months, I'm going to give myself a pat on the back.

And with that, the Top Ten Summer Moments of 2012, in no particular order!

1.) Meeting Cousin Gloria, the beautiful baby of my cousin Becky and her husband Danny!

2.) Our trip to Boston and Maine. Getting to know the city of Boston, including a game at Fenway, Boston Commons, and the infamous Duckboat Tour!

 The trip included our "quaint" stay in Deer Isle, Maine to celebrate the wedding of Robin's cousin Daniel and his lovely wife Beth. This hostel was so unique, it might warrant its own backpost.

 3.) Lydia's first PRIDE parade! I have waited her whole life to take Lyds to a Minneapolis Pride. We strolled through Loring Park and visited Gallery Co afterwards.

 4.) Cabin time! We especially loved introducing Minnesota cabin life to Texas visitors and dear friends Jenny and Nathan (not pictured--he hates the camera).

 5.) Lydia's first Battle Lake Turtle Race. She wasn't so happy with her turtle's performance. It seems once he hit the shade, he got pretty comfy and wouldn't move. She was upset he didn't get to finish.

 6.) Playtime at home. As a working mom, this is a treat.
 7.) Celebrating (7!) years of marriage by eating handfuls of wild blueberries found in a field in Maine.
 8.) Getting to know the Minneapolis food scene. Yay, Farmers' Markets!
 9.) Taking advantage of the parks and lakes here. Lyds loves the wading pool!

 10.) Meeting Fousin Harrison, the adorable son of our friends-pretty-much-family, Mike and Britt. I was proud because I succeeded in getting him to sleep on me.

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