Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Inevitable First

When I found out that I was carrying a little boy, I dreaded one inevitable moment: the moment he peed while on the changing table. Little girls pee on changing tables, too, but with boys, it's a whole new ballgame. So far, we had dodged the proverbial (or not so proverbial) bullet, but today... today.

I was changing Holden's diaper and out of nowhere, I swear there was a stream of pee that rose five feet in the air. Okay, maybe two feet. Or a foot and a half. But it was a lot, and it was shocking. Robin heard me exclaim and ran into the nursery thinking something was seriously wrong, only to find me laughing and a changing table, wall, and baby covered in pee.

This necessitated a second milestone: Holden's first bath at home. He was not such a fan, as the pictures demonstrate.


  1. FIrst of all, that last picture is hilarious. Second of all, Henry's done it to us three times since we got home and over ten times in his life. You'd think I'd remember from the first boy to keep a wash cloth on the changing table to cover him up during changes. (And we are horrible parents because those ten episodes have resulted in exactly zero baths... )

  2. Laurie, I love your writing and these pictures. They are beyond precious.

    Love you...Mom