Monday, February 4, 2013

BPPs #5 and 6 plus More Progress

Nothing too much to report: Baby G2 seems to be a perfectionist. Two more biophysical profiles and non-stress tests down with perfect scores on each. In other news, my body seems to be gearing up to push this baby out. I made progress in the form of 1 centimeter, some softening, and some effacement between weeks 36 and 37, and I'm experiencing a shift in contractions from definite Braxton-Hicks to something else. Brook, our doula, came over on Saturday for some comfort measure practice, which was fun, though I'm having some waves of anxiety as I realize that I'm actually going to have to get this baby out of me in the near future. He has been given strict orders to stay on the inside through the week; I have to get my things at school in order and we have tickets to The Book of Mormon on Friday.

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  1. Can you believe here they do no internal checks until you're in labour, and even then you can refuse them? Even with my VBAC that was the case. I found it much more relaxing:) Enjoy your performance - looking forward to hearing the good news!