Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School--and Daycare: Day One

The students arrived yesterday which meant Lydia's first day at daycare. Robin and I both went to drop her off. I had met her teachers, Ms. Vicki and Ms. Denise, at Orientation on Friday and had warned them that I might be a wreck come Monday morning.

We brought Lydia in and gave her teachers three bottles and some peas, and I turned into a crying mess when I went to put Lydia on the mat to play next to one of the other babies. (Robin was steady as a rock, of course.) Lydia immediately became very interested in the box of rattles in front of her, and we said goodbye and left quickly before I turned into a heap on the floor.

All in all, Lydia did really well. Her teacher said she cried in the morning when she heard another baby cry, but other than that, she was a happy girl. She didn't nap very well there, which isn't a surprise, as she usually naps in her quiet nursery. I'm sure getting used to the sounds of other babies will take a little bit of time. This was a little frustrating because it messed with her sleep Monday night, but I am hopeful that she will work things out with a bit of practice. Lydia spent today with Robin, and they did wonderfully together. I am already counting the days until the weekend so that I can spend an entire day with her.

On the work front, school has gotten off to a really good start. My mindset this year is completely different. I am working to stay as organized and efficient as possible, since by the time the bell rings at 4:20 (yes, 4:20--our kids don't start until 9 in the morning), I am ready to get home to see Robin and Lydia. Between getting to school a little later than last year and leaving 30-45 minutes earlier, I am having to work really hard to get everything I need to done during my prep time on top of taking time out to pump. Most of my students seem to be alright, and I think we have gotten off to a good start.

I think we're all going to survive.


  1. Way to go, SuperMom and SuperTeacher! And way to go, Lydia and Robin! Sounds like you all had a good first few days and I'm sure Lydia will figure the nap at day care thing out before you know it. She's pretty brilliant, that one.

    As for the work thing, it's amazing how all that changes, isn't it? People think I'm a little frantic at the store now since I'm working my butt of the whole time I'm there. I don't goof off even a little bit because every second I waste at work is a second I miss with Oliver. Everything still gets done - just more quickly and efficiently. In some ways I think becoming a mom has made me a better employee.

  2. I've been thinking of you this week! You will adjust brilliantly and Lydia will be learning so much and enjoying her new friends. I'll pray that your sleep improves soon!

  3. You're a rock star Laurie!!! I am so proud of you :)